DraftKings Is Expanding Into The Social Bar Market

DraftKings appears to be seeking further expansion beyond its current online hegemony by teaming up with a major player in the US entertainment industry, Sports & Social. The Cordish Companies subsidiary has partnered with DraftKings to construct casinos that also serve as entertainment centers in the United States and Canada. It’s no secret that mobile betting has surpassed desktop options, and that ease of use is a major motivator for this shift. However, Sport & Social has a history of providing first-rate food and entertainment, and this new endeavor aims to incorporate that expertise into the betting process.

Places to Bet, Stream, and Watch Sports

It was a smart move to team up with Sports & Social, and the concept will be well received by betting enthusiasts. Up to 55 million people visit Sports & Social sites annually, and they are the ones who are most likely to engage with betting games and put sports wagers. So, basically, the ideal group of people.



For the avid sports fan, nothing completes the package like the DraftKings betting experience. With like-minded people, you may share the experience of sports betting, viewing, and socializing. DraftKings expects rapid adoption of this idea, and the presence of well-known partners bodes well for the company’s chances of success.


ICRAVE’s talented designers will be responsible for the bars’ overall appearance. The plan is to introduce a new level of luxury to the world of sports betting, one in which DraftKings users may connect with one another in ways previously unimaginable. ICRAVE has won numerous accolades for its ability to launch profitable businesses. It’s further proof that DraftKings has an excellent eye for talent.


The first two cities scheduled to host the events are Detroit and Nashville, with more cities to be added in the coming months. When the novelty wears off and gambling enthusiasts see the fun that can be had, the rollout will be complete. One or two regulatory approvals need to be signed off before venues can open, but if everything goes smoothly there, they should be ready to go soon after.

Modern sports betting is where cutting-edge technology meets the action.


Entertainment for sports fans may be found at a variety of Sports & Social locations, which are noted for their cutting-edge audiovisual equipment. In addition to DraftKings’ betting experience, the site will feature live music and interactive social casino games, making it a one-stop shop for sports enthusiasts.


The original idea of Sports & Social was to locate prime properties. As a result, there are now places to gamble inside upscale entertainment districts, posh casino resorts, and even at the entrances to some of the largest sports stadiums in the United States.


DraftKings’ chief business officer, Ezra Kucharz, has said that the next live event is just one more exciting perk the company plans to provide its users. The entire staff at DraftKings is excited about the prospect of working with Sports & Social. It’s not only the DraftKings team that can’t wait to get going.


Reed Cornish, principal of The Cordish Companies, expressed his excitement at the prospect of collaborating with a pioneer in the sports-betting entertainment industry. It would appear like everyone is eager to get things going, including DraftKings’ rapidly expanding user base.


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